Welcome to our Board of Directors

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, for starters I’m a bit of a nomad. I’ve uprooted and moved 10 different times throughout the course of my life. I’m glad to call California my home but Texas is a close second as I spent a total of 10 years there. I attended undergrad at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas and, after trying out a career in sales, quickly made a transition to an industry I’ve always been fond of – Marketing & Advertising. I’ve been in that trade now for over 10 years. I peaked in terms of life accomplishments in 2016 when the love of my life, Stefanie, agreed to marry me. Today, we live in Costa Mesa, CA and have been blessed with two young boys – Brock (3) and Beau (1). 

Can you tell us a little about your golf background?

My Dad encouraged me to give the sport a try from time to time as I was growing up, but that usually resulted in an annual round where the only thing higher than the numbers on the scorecard were the amount of golf balls lost in the woods. I’d routinely walk away discouraged and disinterested in picking up a club. It wasn’t until a few years after I had graduated college and moved back to Southern California that I began to get more interested in the sport. Today, I’m officially hooked. Instead of being frustrated by the game, I’ve developed the utmost respect for the time and commitment it takes to becoming proficient at it. 

What does First Tee mean to you?

First Tee represents the wonderful intersection of a purpose driven organization focused on cultivating future generations and a sport I’ve come to respect and admire. 

Can you tell us why you accepted the position to be a part of the FTOC Board of Directors?

I wanted to give back to my community, but more importantly, I wanted to give back in a way where my contributions would have a legacy. That’s what makes the First Tee really special to me. You have the ability to work with an organization that is going to influence future generations who will be able to turn around and do the same one day. It has the potential for infinite good, which really excites me. 

What is your role at Chipotle and can you go into detail about our relationship with Chipotle?

I am the Senior Manager of Brand Marketing at Chipotle Mexican Grill. My primary focus is leading the management and execution of our new menu item innovation, while also working on many initiatives impacting our core menu offerings as well as our brand communications and advertising. I’ve been at the company for more than 4 years and have had the incredible fortune of leading the introduction of more than 10 new items to our menu, including the most successful LTO (limited time offer) in company history, Pollo Asado and a brand new line of 100% Organic Beverages through a partnership with Tractor Beverage Co. I’m very proud of the positive business impacts my programs have made for the organization as well as the delight they have brought our guests. 

What would you like to accomplish during your tenure on the board?

I want to make an impact first and foremost. I believe that through leveraging my marketing background, I can help provide guidance that will lead to tangible results when it comes to improving brand awareness as well as increasing donor engagement and retention. If I succeed, I will hopefully leave the organization better than before I started. 

What is your favorite core value/character building value that we teach at First Tee?

Growth through Challenge. I personally believe it is so important to embrace challenges, not shy away from them. This is something that did not come to me naturally when I was younger, nor did I find it easy to understand when my parents, coaches, or mentors tried to emphasize it with me. It was one of those life lessons that I had to consistently encounter before I finally understood how to deal with it and, in time, appreciate it. Once I discovered that inner strength, I quickly realized it is truly one of the richest gifts in life. It’s a difficult concept to grasp, so the more chances they have to be educated on its value, the better. 

We’re very excited for Matthew to join our board and look forward to his contribution to First Tee – Orange County!