Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: My child is almost “X” age, can I register him/her in the next age class up?

A: Participants may only register for a class that fits their current age. However, if your child will be turning the minimum age of a class by the time the session is scheduled to end, he/she has the option to register for the older-aged class.

Q: My child has a lot of experience with golf and taking lessons. May I register him/her for an advanced age class?

A: First Tee – Orange County is an age-based program. Because our primary focus is life skills, we feel it is important to keep participants at their age level because the curriculum is specifically designed to be age-appropriate.

Q: What type of equipment do you accept for donations and where can I drop it off?

A: Our biggest equipment needs for donation are golf clubs and golf bags. We have 3 different drop off locations throughout Orange County: Dad Miller Golf Course (Anaheim), Islands Golf Center (Anaheim), and PGA Tour Superstore (Irvine). Please drop the equipment off with the staff of the facility any time during their business hours and let them know you would like it to go to First Tee.

Q: Are parents allowed to stay and watch the participants during class?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to watch your child during class, but we ask that you do it from a reasonable distance and to refrain from interacting with your child or the class. Every facility is different so please ask your child’s coach where the best place to watch the class is if you so choose.

Q: I would like to help volunteer with the program. What do I need to do to get started?

A: Please submit an inquiry form here: Once doing so, you will receive an email from Program Director Jason Reddick with information on the next steps of the process. These steps include completing a Volunteer Application Form, completing a background check and safety training with SafeSport, and attending an in-person training (held once a quarter).

Q: Can my child register for more than one class per session?

A: We only allow participants to take ONE PAID First Tee class per session so that we can make the program available to as many participants as possible. However, our LPGA Girls’ Golf Class and our Boys’ Golf Class is available as a FREE second class for any child who is also registered for a PAID class. The goal of the Girls’ & Boys’ Golf classes is to provide a fun environment for kids of the same gender to meet friends and socialize with other kids who enjoy the game of golf.

Q: Can my child attend a different class during the week to make up a class?

A: We do NOT allow participants to attend a different class during the week if he/she is unable to attend their regularly scheduled class because most of our classes at our maximum capacity and we need to keep class sizes and coach:participant ratios consistent.

Additional Questions

Do you have a question that is not on the list above? Please contact our Program Director, Jason Reddick at (714) 833-8221 or email [email protected].