Volunteer Family Spotlight – The Lee Family

The Lee Family

In the spirit of National Volunteer Month, we would like to recognize the Lee family. Patrick, Jen, Jenson and Rosie have been a part of First Tee for 7 years. Each family member has a particular role as a volunteer including coaching, assisting with events and tournaments, and joining a team of parents to form our parent council.

We are extremely grateful to have an amazing family be a part of the First Tee – Orange County family and we look forward to many more years of their volunteer service.


Pat picked up golf in his 30’s inspired by his late aunt who held multiple Ladies Champion titles at Hong Kong Golf Club. Pat met FTOC in 2015 at Roger Dunn and has been a committed coach since. Pat’s favorite part about FTOC is watching the participants grow and uncover their talents in golf and in life. In our pre-kids days, Pat had golf ball favors inscribed “Awesome Twosome” made for our wedding and dragged Jen out to play 9 holes every Saturday morning at 6am. Pat works as a computer and memory chip designer.


Jen started learning golf in college and saw it pay off when she’d represent Deloitte to play in clients’ tournaments as a CPA. Jen’s extent of golf nowadays is through FTOC, but she does remember playing rounds even with Rosie in baby carrier on Jen’s back. Jen’s favorite part of FTOC is maintaining her reign as the ambassador who has recruited the most new participants and coaches. Jen runs a 501(c)3 charity focused on youth development and is currently starting a 4-week entrepreneurship summer camp geared for children.


Jenson (age 12) started learning golf at age 3 and has been in FTOC since age 4; he and Daddy fight over the latest issue of Golf Digest and are both glued to the TV during majors. Jenson is also an avid cellist, being recently chosen for Honors Orchestra. His favorite part of FTOC is serving as Junior Coach; he has rarely missed volunteer events, happily forgoing school carnivals and birthday parties to go coaching instead. 


Rosie (age 10) started FTOC at age 2, when her golf bag was bigger than her and coaches fought to walk behind her and hold up her golf bag lol. Rosie served at senior center during her preschool days and is currently the youngest member of Saddleback Church’s Cardmaking Ministry. Her favorite part of FTOC is Girls Golf and the friendships she’s forged. Rosie is counting the days to be a junior coach when we’d finally have everyone in our family wearing FTOC red polos :-).