Parent Handbook

Subject to change depending on CDC, federal, state, county and city mandates/COVID-19) - September 28, 2022

Fall Programming 2022

Founded as a chapter of First Tee’s national program in 2013 we have impacted the lives of over 30,000 young people in multiple locations in Orange County in less than 9 years.  We provide a safe, healthy, and positive environment in which students learn character building and First Tee Five Key Commitments through the game of golf. We aim to hook our kids as a life-long players of the game, teach them how the rules of the game can be applied to everyday life situations, and empower them to excel in school and beyond.  Our youth programs operate 7 days a week at 10 different locations in Orange County.

Thank you so much for your involvement and support in our organization and for investing in your child’s future.  We are so excited to welcome back our returning players and welcome our new players to the First Tee – Orange County!

As the First Tee – Orange County has reopened programming, the safety and health of our participants, their families, coaches, and volunteers is our top priority. 

Rules & Expectations

General Clarifications
  • Face coverings will be optional for all coaches & volunteers both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Upon arrival at work, coaches and staff must disclose information about COVID-19 symptoms within the last 24 hours and whether anyone in their home has had COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test. PLEASE STAY HOME if your child is not feeling well.
  • All staff, volunteers, and visitors will follow policies/procedures as established by local government for health & safety of all parties.
  • If you were in class and then tested positive for COVID within 3 days following, please let us know so we can communicate to our other families of a possible close contact.
  • If you test positive for COVID, we ask that you follow CDC guidelines and remain home for at least 5 full days until symptoms improve you receive a negative test.
  • If your child misses a class for any reason, unfortunately we do not allow participants to come to a different class during the week to serve as a “make-up” class.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own water bottle, but we will have water available as well.
  • We will no longer be able to accept any snack donations that are not individually wrapped.


Check-In Procedure
  • Parents MUST accompany participant(s) to the check-in area. Parents must sign in their child(ren) and ensure contact info for guardian responsible for picking up participant that day is confirmed.
  • We ask parents take their player to the restroom at the facility prior to class.
  • If anyone in your household has been exposed to anyone who has recently tested positive for COVID, please do not come to class until cleared of symptoms or test negative.
  • Once check-in of the participant is completed, all parents/guardians are required to leave the check-in area where classes are being conducted.
  • After the participant is checked in for the class, they will find a seat in a chair or seating area designated for their class.
  • Water bottles should remain with the participant throughout the class. We want the players to stay hydrated.


Wrap-Up/Check-Out Procedure
  • Parent’s must wait OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM or SEATING AREA for their son/daughter and check-out each participant before they are dismissed.
  • Participants must remain in designated classroom/seating area until parent arrives for pick-up.
  • Parents are asked to be on time for check out to maintain health and safety procedures prior to the check in process for the next class.


Consequences If Rules Aren't Followed

Because of the importance of following these Rules & Expectations of the First Tee – Orange County, players who do not take responsibility for their actions will experience the following consequences:

  • First action:  Warning
  • Second action: 2nd Warning
  • Third action:  5 minute “break” from the activity. The player will be asked to think about how they will demonstrate the core value of respect of others by following the rules to keep everyone safe and healthy when they come back to the group activity.
  • Fourth action:  Immediate removal from the facility…Parents will be contacted and will be expected to pick up their player.

If disruptive behavior, not in line with the core values of the program persists over multiple classes, we reserve the right to have your child discontinue their time in class for the remainder of the session. No refunds will be honored in this situation.


What To Do If It Is Raining Or There's a Need to Cancel Class
  • If the forecast is iffy, we will wait as long as possible to decide whether or not to hold classes. For Sunday and weekday classes, we will send an email by 1:00pm if we decide to cancel. For Saturday morning classes, we will communicate any cancelations Friday night. If you do not hear from us via email by the times above, it is safe to assume class will be on as scheduled.
  • We will do our best to make-up cancelled classes but will not be issuing refunds. Thank you for understanding!

We want our players to have fun while they attend a First Tee – Orange County class this Fall as we keep everyone safe and healthy!



Please ask your coach or contact Jason Reddick, Program Manager, at 714-833-8221 or email [email protected]