Meet Bennie!

This past summer, Bennie conducted a research project with the research question “Where are the best locations in Orange County, California, for First Tee — Orange County (FTOC) to conduct promotional activities in order to maximize new membership and new participation?” He collected zip code, land area, and segmented population data for Orange County and used fundamental mathematic modeling to lead to the conclusion that Willowick and Dad Miller are the best locations for FTOC to conduct promotional activities to attract new participants. Simple project but it shows his sense of belonging and eagerness to contribute to FTOC, whose wonderful youth development program has a deep influence in his life. 

Unrelated to golf… after 10 years of hard work, Bennie has recently obtained the DipABRSM (in piano performance) title. This is a diploma issued by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music to musicians worldwide for professional level of musicality through a rigorous examination and selection process (the multi-level review process took four months).

As a participant in First Tee – Orange County, Bennie was selected for a National First Tee Opportunity in 2021 where he spent a life-changing week in Montana learning how to grow as a leader.

Way to go Bennie! We’re very excited to see how you are building a positive self-identity. This is the year of you.